Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The 8th day of Christmas: Happy New Year 2013


Happy NewYear to all who read this blog....wherever you may be.....

Here is Zeljko Mircovic's trailer for the new docufairytale  about dreamers and their dreams shot last fall at West-Park:

Looking back on 2012,  here were our most significant experiences:

1. Teddy's death
2. Occupy Wall Street moves into West-Park
3. Our new members: Willa, John, Don, Teddy, Stephen, Glen and Luisa
4. Hugo and Arcadia's wedding
5. Surviving our Thanksgiving financial crisis
6. Advance screening of Zeljko's The Second Meeting
7. Our night with Osagyefo Sekou and Cornell West
8. Our Purisima Celebration
9. Noche Flamenca moves in
10. West-Park named Manhattan drop off center for Presbterian Disaster Relief

Any other thoughts?

May the New Year be better for us all and bring us closer to making the vision real

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