Thursday, January 10, 2013

I may get lost, but God loves me anyways


An organization that is very seriously interested in along term lease for our church house comes in for another visit. They are good, decent people. But they would want a clear separation in order to create a distinct identity for themselves. They would be not partners, but in their words good neighbors. My vision of what I truly want could be, is still very clear for me. I will hold onto it until the last possible moment.

A woman comes in.  Wanting to know where the food pantry is. I explain to her how to get to SPSA. Three times. She has an almost childlike demeanor. She goes out. Comes back in. I still don’t understand, she says. I start to explain again, then stop. Let me show you, I say. She looks up at me, Mister, I may get lost, but God still loves me anyways. And I seriously relate. I walk outside with her. Walk to the corner. Point to the west. Go two blocks that way. You can’t miss it. That way? she says. 
Yes, that way. And she heads off crossing the street. 

I’m almost ready to go. Marc comes in with a friend. A singer/songwriter in his own rite. Used to be part of the Speakeasy project. Starts talking about the category of almost famous. Those who were almost there and fell short. Or who had brief moments in the spotlight. Or lots of achievement right under mainstream radar. Former Bluesproject’s Danny Kalb. David Massengill. The Roches. Every name he names, I know. I played the Speakeasy myself back in ’82. I mention my uncle in law, David Sear, who has manged to make a career.

I loved it, but just couldn’t make a living, he says. Marc has played me his Jerusalem. A good song. He has an idea of a concert series. I’m all for it, but also painfully aware how hard it is to pull off.  Write me up a proposal, I say. We’ll talk about it.... and we walk out into the night together. 

I may get lost but God loves me anyways. 

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