Saturday, January 5, 2013

the 10th day of Christmas: Whoever has two coats

Someone has left a very dirty white winter coat as a donation. So why that supposed to be OK? It’s disrespectful. Poor people, people who have suffered through hurricanes deserve clean if not new clothes. Clean and in good repair. I quickly toss the coat.
Exchange greetings with Martin as he heads off to Joe’s Pub to get read for opening night of Noche’s run there.  
Our friend who kept us going back at Thanksgiving has come back for another visit. Hanging in the balance is a possible long term commitment. An intention to invest. In a serious way. At the end of the conversation, we are expecting a letter of intent from an attorney on Monday. 
A woman come in with fresh food, looking for George. I tell her that he’s gone back home, but she’s welcome to leave the food there. It’s soon gone.
Two more friends tour the building. With their own agent/advisor. Another compatible, attractive vision. People I like. I have another appointment and leave Jamie to continue the conversation.
When I get back from a visit to my old friend Jack, he was overjoyed to see Zeljko’s trailer and hear about the project, I hear a pounding on the front doors. Feeling annoyed, but I get up and open them to find a young woman with a Caribbean island accent who has brought three beautiful, clean warm winter coats. For these I  truly thankful. 
....Whoever has two coats must share with anyone who has none... Luke 3: 11
Off to visit Rachel.

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