Wednesday, January 23, 2013

18 degrees and going down


Two pairs of reasonably good men's pants....

Jeremy is in with David Osit to work out technical details for this Sunday’s screening of Building Babel, the story behind the ill fated so-called Ground Zero Mosque,and my downstairs neighbor Sharif El Gamel. I watch as David get a first look at his new documentary on the big screen.

I’m finishing with Jeremy when our seriously  interested person comes in for another conversation. In 24 hours, we seem to have gone from a near certain deal to all but over. I use everything I have to extend the conversation one more day. Too much is at stake. It’s frankly hard for me to think about anything else.  

As the day is ending, I call Stephen in. we can allow nobody on the steps tonight. Too cold, too dangerous. When I get back from a frustrating meeting about religion and labor,  a very frustrating meeting (and we can talk about ACORN sometime...), I find one of the Mexicans setting up in the front door. Mi hermano, no se puede dormir aqui esta noche. Hacce muy frio. No es seguro, es muy peligroso. Se necesita irse immedaimente. No se puede estar aqui.
Claro. Que donde puedo irme?
Me puedo llamar emergencia. Podemos encontrar  refugio temporario pa'usted.

I go in and find Stephen. We call 911. By the time I come back outside, there are four more Mexicans. It's 18 degrees and going down. I’m heading home. Stephen’s in charge now.  He calls to tell me later that the police came. Offered to arrest everyone for trespassing. Stephen said no. So they directed everyone to an emergency intake center a bloc over on Columbus. Everyone headed that way. I am hoping everyone made it ok. 

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