Saturday, May 26, 2012

Time to go home

The Movement Research people are starting to arrive and make their plans for their dance festival which will take over most of our building from Tuesday on next week. 
Teddy takes charge of the St. Agnes boys to put them to good use cleaning. Marc is bringing in equipment from various other places to has been stored, old tape decks, records, sound equipment. As places open up, he’s got more ideas to explore. 
Finally get to talk to Steve awhile about his experiences in Chicago. The organizing was a success. People from all over the country. Protesting NATO, among other issues. The mainstream press, deliberately as usual, constructed a narrative much different than reality.  And  he needs some time to reflect on all this. Figure out where it’s headed. A vacation may be in store. 
Don drops by on his way back to the office. I share the story about Glen with him. How it all circles back to him. And he smiles a big smile. 
Leonel drops by to review her show from last week. We talk about the need for better publicity. I notice RL passing through. An older guy who’s been here many times before hits me up for $10. 
Out on the steps a stocky young white guy with eye tattoos is setting up. Based on  my conversation with Reachout, I figure its the white George they told me about. I tell him he can’t sleep there during the day. Tells me he’s not asleep. That routine. Not the point,  I say, come back later. 
Richard, who worked with Katherine way back in the day, I mean way back, comes by again. He tirelessly keeps going after the politicians, believing sooner or later the promised help will come. We keep waiting.
Danielle and I are pushing to get ready for the meeting tomorrow morning. Doesn’t feel like a holiday weekend. I make it down to the Copy Shop just before they close at 7 to get our reports typed up. Send Danielle home. I’ve still got more to do. 
Glen wanted me to give Christopher the script for Robert’s play. He holds it close. Rachelle has brought sandwiches for that young man. And has more for the people inside. 
Spend some time with Teddy and Steve out on the street. Talking about the cop giving Marc a ticket while he was unloading. We talk more. It’s time to go home.  I’ve got more to do. My lap top’s out of juice. It’s time to go home.

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