Friday, May 4, 2012

A full bag of crackers and a serious question

Our boys from St. Agnes are busy cleaning out debris from the basement in  anticipation of  a visit from the insurance company.
Someone from the neighborhood had brought a full Barney Greengrass bag for the Occupiers. But when I look in, it’s filled with crackers. I take them upstairs to the kitchen and give them to Raven, with a questioning shrug. No, he says, while busy making soup, crackers are good.  Good for the stomach, too...
A young Latino named Antonio is sitting in the sanctuary, silently. Danielle is concerned. I speak to him, he tells me he is praying. A while later, Teddy brings him back, he was wandering around the building. I tell him No es permiso que entrarse los otros partes de la iglesia. And he looks at me and agrees. 
The director of Les Jeunes Virtuoses de New York comes in to firm up details for their concert later in May. 
A man walks in looking for clothes. Teddy calls Little Chris, our fashion consultant and soon he’s being appropriately outfitted. And outside, the Sentinel is at his post.
Melisa arrives to talk  about her booking proposal. I tell Antonio we are closing and that it’s time to leave. He rises from the pew, goes outside and takes a place in the south doorway. Melisa and I head for the B Cafe, which is  becoming a new auxiliary office with its Belgian draughts and all you can eat  moules frites (mussels and french fries), no tv and quiet enough to talk.
Later, I meet with Jamie and Marsha. And there’s a serious question, is it possible to save the building and the church, or do we have to make a choice?

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