Monday, May 7, 2012

Miss them already

The day begins wth a phone call from Teddy. The steps were a wreck when he got back from work. Cardboard and garbage all over the place. This sketchy young white guy is a problem. Teddy raises again the idea of closing the steps. We’ll try one more conversation then...
Tonight I get a feel of what life without our occupiers will be like. I arrive at the church for my neighbor Ric’s concert. To benefit his son Marley’s high school and West-Park. He tells me that ala Imiko’s concert, there’s no paper towels in the restrooms. 
I step outside and luckily Chris is there. I give him some cash and send him across the street to CVS. When I go back inside, the right balcony spots are not on. I go up to the balcony to discover that everything’s been rewired. Have to figure it out for myself. Finally get them back on.
Chirs is back with paper towels. Says, hey if I would’ve known what was going on...and I say, We thought you guys were heading back to Maine... and he nods. 
Back inside, the concert is almost about to begin. I tell Ric we got the paper towels. But there’s no toilet paper either, he says. I’m about to run out again and he says, Don’t worry about it now. Send someone later. Enjoiy the concert...which is hard to do because i keep thinking about toilet paper.
Ric in the pulpit
Ric begins the concert from the pulpit, sermon style. Then annoiunces he will be doing  the concert backwards, beginning with the second encore and then moving forward. He does his two at once flute number then brings up his singing partner for the evening, Devyn Rush of American Idol (Season Ten) fame. 
There’s no secuirty guard, so every time the doorbell rings, I have to jump up out of my seat and go anser it so it doesn’t disturb. Dave and Donna have come back. And then Bobby. I tell Bobby there’s a concrt goig on and he can’t come in  right now.  He asks me if the gang’s all gone. I tell them they’re out now but will be gone by Mnday. He looks sad and hands me a fresh newspaper for Teddy.
Since he started peforming again a few years ago, Ric has steadily improved his game as a performer and a writer. His blues and jazz evolving into a solid timeless pop sensibility. A little cabaretesque, a little Billy Joelesque, all Ric. And as Ric says, he sings, but Devyn SINGS. Their joint songs with her harmony are solid. 

The concert is over. It's time for the after party in Mc Alpin. I’m still thinking toilet paper, see Chris and send him to CVS again. When he gets back, we do the restrooms together.
Bobby has made it back in and has a plate of chicken and rice and corn bread and barbecue sauce.  He’s looking for his friends. He will be lost when they’re all gone.  
The after party is going well. Some of the folks are Ric’s friends from summer camp who haven ‘t seene each other in 40 years. They’re hooking in a friend with cancer via skype. In additon to the Dallas Barbecue spread, in a nod to Cinco de Mayo, there’s Jose Cuervo at tne bar table. 
As the night is winding down, I realize that there are no garbage bags, can’t find Chris so I run out to get them myself. Didn’t really realize how much our inhouse production staff did for us.
On my way out, Bobby stops me. have to invite Condaleeza Rice here to do a piano concert...oh, and ...and Jim Lehrer to give a talk...
Well noted, Bobby, well noted.....

Ric and Deyn

Ric Cherwin:

  Devyn Rush:        

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