Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Mexican and a white guy in a box

For the first time since the Occupiers have been here, I find myself sweeping the steps myself again. Good to remember what that feels like. It’s why I feel so much a part of the building, problems, karma and all.....
John H comes in, excited, emotional. Wants me to think again about the vision. Not let it get lost. As the brutally honest business voice I so often need, I appreciate this coming from John.  This day calls for a new reality. What it could be, Christians, Jews, Muslims sharing a building together with a commitment to justice and a home for the arts. He believes we can still have it all. You have all the pieces, he says, they’re all there.  John sees things. When everyone else thought OWS was a distraction, he felt it could help center the church. He was right. 
Teddy has just waked up. A bit sleepy. But ready to dig in for today’s work. The clearing up, cleaning out phase has turned up some very strange finds in unexpected places.  It’s all being timed for the next city pick up days. 
Chris and Runi come in for a consultation, join Teddy in the work. I do not want them on the steps.
Sandy comes in. She’s got a lead on some property upstate. Woodstock area. Possibility of growing flowers. She still has the dream of an Occupy intentional community. She was one of the first to come in to West-Park with a work crew. And a dream. It got overwhelmed. But she has never lost sight of it. The Coop that came together came close. Her idea was right. I catch her up on what’s been going on. Sadly, even if they had all stayed together, keeping a Woodstock community together, paying the bills, wouldn’t happen. Maybe there’s still a way to gather a select Occupy group more interested in the social movement than the protest movement. How to do it?
Hugo and Arcadia come in to plan their wedding. This will be a true celebration. A real moment for our community. While we are talking, a man comes in. At first I think he’s speaking Spanish, but as we all look at each other, we realize it’s not. Turns out it’s Romanian. His name’s Dmitri. Looking for the Romanian Orthodox  Church. Hugo and I figure it out. It’s on 87th. Arcadia draws a little map. Hugo takes him outside to point him in the right direction. 
Sekou has arrived early. Sandy has cornered him. Chris and Runi are here again. Someone is playing the piano. Steve talking about the Chicago bus trip. Before I go in to meet with another couple, Sekou says, I’m tastin your world, my brother. They should set up a hazing program for new ministers. Make em spend a day with you. Anyone makes it through, get in...and he laughs his full body laugh. 
This is an interfaith couple. Referred from the Interfaith Community I still advise.  At first, I think its simply a question of planning  a service, but I can see from the woman’s face there’s more to it. How much do you have to sacrifice? How do you give up wanting your kids to believe that Jesus is your personal lord and savior and necessary for salvation? When you can’t imagine life without the one you love?  Lots to talk about. This isn’t one conversation. Hugo and Arcadia. Chris and Runi. This couple. Couples. 
Finally time for Bible study. Sekou shares his letter responding to the black clergy that have been on Obama’s case for proclaiming his support for marriage equality. (That’s what it is...civil rights...) I answer Anna ‘s question from last week. Turns out the fishers of men is not just about organizing. It picks u on an image fro Jeremiah about bringing judgment to rich and powerful. This is not about evangelism as we think it is. It’s a direct action campaign. The call repentance is a call to turn your back on all the powers of the structure that is, the structure of domination and control. Not only turn around, but turn away....
We get into exorcisms, healings. The demons know Jesus. And he knows them. That training in the wilderness. 
And then the healing of Simon’s mother-in-law. A widow. A cut off one. It is restoration. And that restoration, that rreclaiming of one’s life, is followed by service, we pass it on. 
He keeps healing. Casting out demons. Keeps them silent.Tactical choice. Don’t draw attention until the time is right. Time to gather the forces en las montanas. 
Anna has been right on target again. Marsha sees the connections with IAF. Bobby has come in, wearing m NYPD hat from 9-11. How’d that happen? Yes, I know, Condaleeza Rice is a concert pianist. He won’t rest until I get her here. John brings in teBivle study fro another church, another perspective. Always wants to know how it helps anyone live a better life. Teddy says, Let me get this straight, this is the very beginning right? We nod. I got it, he says, Zucotti Park, September. I got it.
That’s it. Outside, there’s a Mexican and a white guy in a box I’ve never seen before.
Jamie says, Yesterday would’ve been the perfect day to sneak in the blessed Mother. You know, Mother’s Day. She needs to be here...
She’s welcome, I say, just need to find the right place. Her own altar/prayer place. I need all the help I can get. 

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