Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lots of work to be done

Come back from a good workshop at 475 about building interfaith partnerships. The whole afternoon was about evaluation and funding. One thing is clear...what we are trying to do in creating an interfaith center of discourse, dialogue and engagement is exactly where things are heading. Foundations are even trying to define spiritual capital in metrics like social capital. My center board does not have  to be nervous about spiritual any more. 
Mim has come to get the story on our meeting with the presbytery officials. And to set an agenda for the next center meeting. We need to start with Labor Day and do a calendar with benchmarks along the way. Steve is setting up for the dance festival as we talk.

Marissa from Movement Experience is coming in to work out details with Danielle. Their opening went well. Sorry to miss it. 
Steve is working as building manager in Teddy’s absence. He and Danielle going over details. 
Teddy finally arrives with lots of good stories firm the road. Chris and Runi safely delivered to Portland.  I-95 conquered. And Teddy safely home.
Marsha arrives. We need to review the meeting with presbytery. The division of work between center and church. We decide to head for the B. Lots of work to be done. 

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