Thursday, May 24, 2012

Apparently there was a stabbing at the shelter

I meet Tracy and Wendy at Holy Name where we’re meeting with Father Mike to see if we can use the cafeteria of the school for a celebration of the victory of the workers at V&T pizza. It’s a major step in our sweatshop free neighborhood campaign,an opportunity to get everyone together...maybe even the bosses ...It’s even brought the neighboring institution Hungarian Pastry Shop on board as well. Father Mike, one of the founders of Westsiders for Peace and Justice, seems ope and it looks like we’ve got a place for the event. I walk down Amsterdam a  ways with them then head home before going to the church.
We’ve got a major dance festival coming up next week which will fill up most of the building. Need to solve the Occupiers issues by then. We’ve got another visit by the Fire Department with Teddy serving as host and talking about his uncle, a former firefighter. Other than refilling the fire extinguishers, we’re okay.
I’ll use the free time to grab a quick visit to Jack. Former jazz player, playwright and actor, college dean, poet, life mentor. The bus back up Amsterdam to meet Jane. 
There’s a young couple from Williamsburg waiting to talk about getting married. Melisa has a rehearsal in the chapel so since the people from A Course on Miracles chant, they’ve been moved to the sanctuary. With so much activity, I take the couple across the street for a cup of coffee.  Turns out they’re theatre people and an interfaith couple. Laid back, down to earth not billburg hip, just young. Want to get married under the bridge.
Jane and I are meeting with Runi to make clear that she and Chris need to be headed back to Portland by Tuesday. No choice. Teddy can take a day to drive them. Jane and I will help hook it up for them. I know they’d rather not go at all, and that’s hard on me. 
Jamie drops by and as we head up the street to the B, I notice David and Donna on the steps. Along with a Mexican guy and the white guy in the box. Apparently there was a stabbing at the shelter and they’ve come back. Yes, this is hard. 

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