Sunday, May 20, 2012

All because of the open door

The young rabbi and his consultant are back for another visit. I’ve got Jamie in my corner.  They are very interested. Even making an offer. There’s a lot more to think about here. Jamie also has a proposal from brokers to share with us.
I’m pushing it to the last minute tryign to come up with the right decisiono about legal represntation fro tomorrow. I go back and forth on the issue several times and finally decide to sign up the bar association lawyer as time is running out. 
Mim has come earlu fo rour Center Board meeting/strategy session to get ready.
The Baord meets. There is a concensus that the West-Park members want out fom i de the buildig so that the can deveote full time an denergy to rebuolding the congregation. There is concensus that we want to keep the vision/dream of our Center alive. The question is how to accomplish those things. And that’ s where concensus ends. 
I am very tired when I go home.
Joan Wilde is in to review plans fo rhe rperfomrance coming up on Sunday. Her original song cycle about the ages of woman, a a play off of Shakespeare’s ages of man soliloquy. She’s a seasoned old pro. Also one of the founders of the Grandmothers’ Peace Brigade and Grannies Against the war. I’m glad she wants to do her show at West-Park.
Teddy comes in and  we talk about why he’s stil here and not in Chicago. Danielle and I have to work on a write up of another legal case before she goes to he husband Nate’s graduation at Union. Chris wants to confirm his and Runi’s leaving for Portland in the morning. Little  Christopher has an appointment Teddy has worked really hard to get him set up with. He’s definitely going.
Jessica is talking with Jeanie, who’s getting ready for a job interview. Jessica wills stick around to talk with Little Chris. I am saddened to hear that Raven and Jeanie an others have joined an encampment down by the water. It troubles me deeply, but there’s nothing I can do right now. 
Tracy shows up and we go to Barney Greengrass for bagels and conversation about what's next now that they’ve won a victory at V&T Pizza and the next door neighbo Hungarian Pastry Shop seems to have come around as well. Naeed to have a celebration, invite religious folk, workers, politicians, maybe even bosses. Keep the pressure up for Sweatshop Free. When we return, Teddy goes off with Tracy to join the picket line at Sigon Grill 
Two women detectives come in with photographs of the possible wallet thief from Imiko’s concert. They’re looking for Rafael to take a look at the pictures. I’ll have to try and fin him.
Leonel is in with flyers for her concert with Joan on Sunday. Glen has come and brought a playwright with him to schedule audition times and rehearsal times and possibly performance times. John H wants to know how the morning curt appearance went. 
Runi is very upset because her ride has just fallen through. Could be a very long conversation. RL wanting to talk about Make Music New York and fixing the grate.  Anna and Puppy have arrived and she wabts her place in line. When Hope arrives, Anna is clear, I’m next she says. 
Danielle is long gone to graduation. I’m meeting with people one at a time. Rachelle has dropped by too. Tells me she is staying somewhere temporarily. Longs to return to the Upper East Side.  Says I’m an  angel. An that Danielle said, more than. (If that’s true, bless her for that. Bless her anyways for hanign in htere..)
A small group has gathered in te sanctuary, Hope and Teddy and Jamie has joined them. All waiting. Jane comes in with her college room mate, sees them, thinks there’s a meeting going on. Just people hangin’, no meeting. It’s getting late. I step out fo r abite with Jamie.
On the way home, I see Goerge has returned for a visit. I’m too tired for apoclyotic pronouncemts and visions tonight, so I try to be incognito.
It’s been a no breath day. A day filled with people. A good day. Hope says its good and all because of the open door. We need ti do the same thgn wiht our vision. 

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