Thursday, May 31, 2012

All the best in Maine


Chris, Bob, Runi, Danielle
ready for Maine

The day starts early with phone calls with final details. Somehow Teddy has sweet talked Enterprise into some exceptional service. He’s headed down to the storage rental place to pick up Chris and Runi, then will come back by church.  
Runi and the sun hat
I go down to meet them. Steve, Danielle and  Christopher and I all go out to say goodbye. Runi is wearing the new summer sun hat that Jamie gave her last night after the showers. Hugs are exchanged. Words are said. Never quite sure what to say at these moments. People live with you for six months, you see them go through changes, grow...Alright, I love them and will miss them. All the best in Maine.
Marc is anxious for us to see his pictures from yesterday’s Memorial Day event at Soldiers  and Sailors memorial that he was sound man for. Good gig for him.
With Teddy off to Maine, Steve will be covering for him for the dance festival. 
RL wants to talk about Teddy. Would like to use him on some projects. I give him a good recommendation.
Late in the day, a man representing a new criminal justice advocacy group comes in to ask about holding meetings, discussions. Abut the book The New Jim Crow which describes how in the post-Civil Rights era the criminal justice system has been used to erect a new wall of apartheid separating black men from society. 
Duck out for a quick coffee and conversation with Jane. get back with just enough time to look in in Danielle before leaving to teach my last class of the year. The dance festival opening reception is getting ready to start. Wish I could be there.
Walking up the street on my way home after class, I stop at the church. David and Donna are there. And (white) George. The two guys with the cardboard box in the middle concern me. Teddy and Steve have concerns. The steps have been really messy in the morning. I tell them that I’m the minister and that the steps must  be clean in the morning. All the cardboard gone. Or I will have to close the steps. (And I will.) They tell me they understand.

Heading home. And wondering where Teddy is on the road. 

Chris and Runi
All the best in Maine

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