Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Working the neighborhood

As I get to the church, there’s Deacon James out sweeping. You caught me at my job, he says. We laugh. Quick fist bump, then in to open up. By the time the doors are open, he’s gone. Young couple comes in looking to donate clothes. We’re not prepared  to do that, yet. So I send them down to SPSA.
Danielle calls and asks if she can work from an airconditioned place today. Well, sure, but...
Go to take Andrea the car keys. The off to see Rachel at Lennonx Hill Hospital.  When I didn’t see her at church on Sunday, should’ve known something was up. Funny how I found out.  After WBAI, after our Center meeting, I get a text from Jane. Asks if I got her message regarding Rachel. I go back to my blackberry, pick up the voice mail I’d previouly missed. Seems she was headed home on 87th, ran into Rachel’s daughter Nadia, who said, If you see pastor Brashear, tell him my mom’s in the hospital. 
Jane’s voice mail continues, with a   chuckle:  seems like we’re working the neighborhood, pastor.  I like that. Don’t like to make to much of these things, but I figure this all has meaning. 
Rachel’s ok. Had some fibrillations. Has some pneumonia. Was blacking out. Feeling better now. Home in another day or two.  

And Jane's brother, Paul, was interviewed live on MSNBC regarding the PCUSA's removal of the ban against the ordination of lgbtq persons.  He's been waiting a long time. He was on with his beautiful 5 year old daughter.  In one day, Sunday, we got a new constitution, opened the doors of inclusion further and my title became teaching elder again.
Back to knock off a few more things before the Interfaith Assembly executive committee meeting, coffee with Marsha, and then (sigh) a Presbytery Council meeting.
Working the neighborhood.....I like that.

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