Sunday, July 24, 2011

319 homies

The heat has kept the turn out for this week’s speakeasy low. It’s hot outside. Jokes are made about the clammy basement being the ac. Still there’s time to catch up on some of the Woodshed folk who are living with us these days. Stephen and Lailah share the working class/union roots. I enjoy learning more about the worldview that informs his work. And his respect for faith and its role, despite its abuses and misuses. And the failure of a broader identity to go beyond nationalism and identity politics, especially as the Soviet Union collapsed. Lailah says, welcome to my world. Trying to piece together Cuba and Catholicism and a coherent politcal analysis. 
Eugena has brought her mom from Iowa. to visit.  Danielle recognized Eugena as an Iowa homie from the 319 area code. Another point of connection. Jillian, Asian, is 100% Boston Irish Catholic, like she grew up. With a small town's worth of  first cousins. She and Eugena came here with dreams, theatre creams. They talk of where they might go.
It’s too hot. I’m tired and ready to go home. No one’s on the steps tonight. There are bags filled with clothes. Random cup lids and straws. Tomorrow morning for that. 

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