Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Just haven't found it yet


The new piano

I carefully remove Edward’s cardboard bed from the north door. Then the recyclable shopping bag with random items and newspapers.
Eleanor is first today. Buy iced coffee at Barney’s and head to the backyard. I bring her up to date. She’s struggling with vocational issues. Domesticity vs. calling. We talk about Katherine's idea about a forgiveness series. The ongoing idea of the King James Version marathon. Neither of these is exciting her. We talk of her Jewish study group of Americans and Israelis who just finished a season with the New Testament. Her interfaith women’s group, and finding their way into prayer. Her joy in the litutrgical work she’s done as chaplain at the Jewish home where most residents aren’t and most workers are black and latino pentecostals. I share my joy in weddings and funerals. There’s something she is supposed to do here, we just haven’t found it yet. 
An independent location scout working  for Bert and Ernie Productions (I like that) comes by looking for holding area space. I give her the grand tour and she’s blown away by the space. Woodshed's presence will probably make this not work. But I want to establish a relationship, keep us on the radar. 
Sarah stops is on her way to talk with Stephen, one more look at the PR blurb to go with Stephen. 
Deacon James stops by again. In a few weeks he’s headed to Tennesee where they’ll essentially remove his blood, clean it and put it back in. It’s necessary. But not without anxiety. 

Out on the steps, there's Tony and a (now) aging yuppie, just talking, shooting the breeze.  He looks up from the steps and says, Excuse me pastor, what's going to happen to the church? (He's another 86th Street neighbor.) And I sigh. Explain the long road ahead. And just how damn much money to will take. Would he actually help?

A man, Indian or Pakistani comes in. Hajee. Seeking assistance. Money of which I have none. Says he's been living at SPSA, sleeping in the youth room.  That he was kicked out because he opposed ordaining lgbtq people. (I doubt that.) And I have no church money, and damned little of my own. None with me. He'll be back tomorrow.

Stephen stops by to talk about contract issues. We’re pretty close on this.  Danielle and I work on closing the books for the concert series, working on the budget, other financial and organizational issues.  And then it's time to lock up, go home. Woodshed still hard at work.

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