Thursday, July 28, 2011

The day that began with him, ended with him

When I throw the doors open, I hear a whoa! Our new guest is there. I tell him that he can’t sleep there in the morning. He tells me ok. I tell him to remove his cardboard and clothes. He says ok. When I ask, he says that his name is Mark. Later when Danielle arrives, she’ll find him asleep on the sidewalk, a few feet north of the steps again. She calls Reachout. And they have reached out. With no real response just exhausted resisistance.
I’ve asked Chirstian to come and tell me of his plans for his chamber orchestra. He wants to begin rehearsals in September, perform in October. And I’d like to schedule some appearances in our worship services. He seems excited about that possibility. Wants to know the story of the church. I take him into the sanctuary, show him Norm’s display. And tell him the story. He stops to clear dates with Danielle. He’s off to Hungary for August.
So it is asbestos after all. This has caused a bit of a crisis of confidence for Stephen’s people. If that could be asbestos, what else could be wrong? So  Stephen and I go to sit in the yard and talk. Review the history of our coming back in.  The safety expert who came in with Landmark West! The electrician. The cleared exit ways, safety lights. Refilled and replaced fire extinguishers, new system installed by American Fire Alarm company. Visit to the local firehouse. Meeting Equity’s standards before rehearsals for Three Graces began. The thin line between absolute 2011 standards and reasonable responsibility. We’ll have to see where this goes. Didn’t need this today. 
Run into Jeremy and Jane at Starbucks. Feel a bit odd about her hiring him. But then we’ll still do our Wednesday night gig.  And I can still try and work him into Sunday services, maybe even with Jane. He drops by to see Danielle to see about scheduling a rehearsal for the Sacred Center Choir at West-Park. Yes, a bit odd.  Still, all can work for the good. 
The day ends with Mark still asleeep on the sidewalk.

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