Monday, July 11, 2011

If Satan gets in, it's over

Hallelujah! Twice over. After five consecutive days, finally one with no shit on the steps. And finally Danielle has returned. There's an empty Cherokee pack. An empty soft drink cup. Lots of butts. But that's it.  We quickly review what’s gone on, put up new butcher paper and begin to map out what needs to be done.

On a break, I take Danielle out to the steps to show her the stains from Sunday’s debacle. Deacon James walks by. I was worried about him not being in church in Sunday. He told me he’d gotten up and felt woozy. Glad he’s feeling better. I share with him my recent steps experiences. I shovel snow, he says, I sweep the steps. But I came by, saw that, hmhm, not doin that. You’re fired, I say, and we both laugh. 
Later in the day, Danielle and I on the steps again. A man is sitting there. He looks up at us. You with the church? he says, or just here? 
From the church, I say.
The church is a sanctuary. 
Yes, I know.
The church is a sanctuary.
I can’t be having you doing unholy crimes on the church. 
I look at him, he seems to be smiling. You’re joking right? He's not. 
He stares up at me. Intensely. I note his blue boys and girls club hat. He stares at me, seriously. If Satan gets in, it’s all over, and with that, he gets up and leaves. 
The Woodshed people are bringing lumber, materials, equipment. Mc Alpin will soon be a scene shop. The work of transformation has begun.
A young man comes in. Introduces himself as Christian. Music program SUNY Purchase.  Wants to put together a chamber music group.I give him the performance spaces tour.  I remember back when Erasmia came to me with that vision, fifteen years ago. I knew instantly what she could do. Christian, who knows? But I admire the spirit, the desire. And whenever we have an open space in the schedule, he’ll be welcome. 
Javier calls to say that one of his students won a pop up piano youtube award from Make Music New York day.  And he wants to send it our way. Want to see that realtionship grow. Time to head down to the other office for a beer and conversation with Jim. Then Hope and I will join the Tracy and Carlos from the Saigon Grill Workers and Justice will be Served to be interviewed live on WBAI.
Any day with no crap on the steps is a good day.

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