Thursday, July 28, 2011

A new guest

When I get to the church after my lectionary group, Danielle reports that she found someone asleep on the steps. Thought he was Edward, but maybe not. Told him he can’t sleep there during the day.  I tell her that my experience in working with homeless people tells me that if someone is sleeping here during the day, there are probably bigger issues going on. I go out and check. He’s not on the steps. But just moved a few feet down on the sidewalk. I tell her he’s not Edward. This man is bald. Edward has hair. We call Reachout.  They don’t start their rounds until afternoon.  Government cut backs. Again.
A movie location scout comes in. A new indie starring Annette Benning. Looking for holding area space. And regal prewar apartment buildings. I tell him about 161 West 86th. And our neighbor on 87th. And the Belnord. All regal. Danielle gives him a tour.
Danielle’s beginning to feel overwhelmed. Asbestos. Pigeon guano. Falling bricks. All too much. Where will the money come from?  We talk again about the difference between romantic imagery of old buildings and hardcore reality. And I remind her how far we’ve come since last August. But the abyss always looms.
James stops in on his way to the hospital. Wish him well on his chemo.
I head to Cardinal Cooke to visit Rachel. She’s had another fall. Tripped over a dog. Broke her leg, femur, between her new hip, her new knee. I’ve got to learn that when she’s not in church, something’s wrong.
Back at the church, the new guest is back again. It’s late afternoon. Too early still for him to be here. But.... So we call Reachout. Again. 

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