Saturday, July 30, 2011

Today's word is asbestos

A cardbaord bed. Mark has been here again. Pick up the empty soft drink cups. 
Later, I look up from my desk.  See Louis N. He's been walking around the sanctuary. Comes into my office.  Reminds me of our previous conversation about sound. We go back into the sanctuary. I point out what I learned this  week:   all the Tiffany windoiws, and furnishings and that 800 pound  Art Nouveau baptismal font. We talk about architecture. Where a sound booth might go. I suggest he draw up a proposal. He asks if I’ve ever made any connections with Redeeemer Presbyterian, a large megachurch. Not PCUSA, but Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Their popularity with young adults, especially given their no gays, no women in leadership policy has always somewhat astonished me.  Uh, no, I say. A bit more talk. He wishes me well. And is off. 
And I’m off for lunch with Katherine. When I return, John and Ted are there to work with me on the business plan. I find the whole process intimidating. Always not sure where, how, to begin. John is always sharp in his assesssments and gives instructions  that leave me staring  blank  faced. Ted is a good interpreter. And has done some work on his own. The figures begin to fall into  place. But the narrative writing will be hard. 
Stephen comes in with Michael Rattasca of Creative Enviroment Solutions. Go to tour the asbestos areas. He describes the work he will do. Can begin that night. Be done by morning. We talk it over. No choice. We have to move forward. He will encapsulate  the boiler room. Abate the heating pipes.  And do twelve random air samples. And then see where we stand. He’ll test. We’ll hold our breath, so to speak. A lot is  riding on this.  Stephen’s production. Our future as a church with usable public space.  No choice. I sign the papers. He’ll begin later, around 9 pm.
Outside we talk about our green heating dreams. He tells me of his work with various hotels, unions. And the UN. Would like to be involved if we go that route. He offfers to walk around with people looking in to this.  Pro bono.  I tell him I’ll chek ot see if that’s ok. We shake  hands. He’ll be back.
We’ve made a decsion. Moving ahead. Stephen invites Danielle and I to join him in the backyard for something cold. We talk about seminaries. What do I think o f Union? I look at Danielle. Her husband Nate goes there.  Intellectually, academically,  great, I say. A little heavy in the identity politics business, and Danielle nods her head in agreement. And if local grass roots  church training is waht you want...I have had some great interns from Union, though. 
So we feel good about our work. Faced a scary possibility, worked out a solution. Put it into action.  Now may the random test results just come out ok....

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