Saturday, May 11, 2013

we pray for free


Berik and Layla's new show

Rough morning. Neither the Village Voice nor the New York Times has been kind to Zeljko. The Times especially mean, crossing a lie by not only criticizing the movie but also Col. Dale and his family. Unnecessary.This will cast a shadow over the day. Maybe some of it is New York cynicism, not able to take Col. Dale on his own authentic terms. So Zeljko has to let it go and get ready for tonight’s opening.

Mid afternoon. I’m overwhelmed. But a woman comes in. Distraught. Needs a place to pray. Someone to pray with her. Here’ s where I lose it a little. She’s a member of a local church. A multi location mega church that shares enough of our name to cause brand confusion, even though will not ordain gay folk let alone women. The kind of place that has a sense of moral superiority. That makes people ask us why can’ you be more like...Why are they so successful and you...That see themselves as the authentic version and us as liberal interlopers. That kind of thing. She went there. Five floors. But no open place to pray. Asked for crisis counseling. Told she would have to fill out a questionnaire. And that pastoral counseling would eb $100 an hour. I tell her she’s welcome to stay and pray. And that I would listen and pray with her. No questionnaires, no forms, no fee.We pray for free.

Just enough time to race to Brooklyn and set up a Jewish-Catholic-Buddhist-Japanese-Peruvian-American wedding. Should have known that was not going to be easy. 

Back in time to do the service. Lien Marc up for doing the sound for Carman Moore’s concert and then stopping by Leila and berok’s opening before running to Zeljko’s premiere. 


We pray for free. 


  1. My grandfather once told me, "Organized religion is like Organized Crime - they give Italian's a bad name - stay away from 'em". I'll have to agree but....

    For the record YOURS is the ONLY church I will attend. You'll be seeing more of me. I'm moving back to the city right after graduation. I cannot wait to see you and those extraordinary people again. Cannot wait to sit in Teddy's seat again.
    And of late I've considered Bible study... but only with you.
    See y'all soon.

  2. For the record, "Organized" and West-Park are words that don't often wind uo together! Looking forward to seeing you....