Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day: Red Bull moves in


from the New Yorker

Memorial Day. 

Red Bull move in day. The house is a bee hive of activity. Trucks pulling up. Lights. Sets. instruments...transformation underway...

My friend Elise walks up Amsterdam...a perfect sunny day... with me after a matinee of the Great Gatsby...florid 3D Baz Lahrman floating swirling deco version...and stops in to see what’s going on. She is predictably amazed. I give her one of Angelo’s angelitos.

Late in the day, Jay and Jason are back from ribs and wings at brother Jimmy’s and ready to get to work. Guards will be in a truck all night long keeping watch....

Here’s what the New Yorker wrote about the concert:

May 28: Hendrik Weber’s unclassifiable avant-electronic project PANTHA DU PRINCE enlists the percussion ensemble the BELL LABORATORY to present the U.S. première of “Elements of Light,” which was first recorded with a three-ton carillon of fifty bronze bells. It is an instrument that’s normally found in a church’s bell tower (some carillons are over a hundred tons), so this is not a concert to be taken lightly. (For more information, visit

May 28 – May 28
165 W. 86th St., N.Y.

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