Saturday, May 4, 2013

Hope takes longer


The day begins with Kimberley. The semester is fast coming to an end. Having her walk this school year with us has been a pleasure as she’s shared her unique skills and gifts with us as the Center and also the church. Not often do you get to have an intern  who’s already a accomplished professional. She’s working on both her special project The Nameless Project, focused on women in the Bible without names, and her leading of worship on Pentecost. We do a complete circle of the sanctuary looking at Angelo’s art. 

Stephen is playing piano. George from Capital Hall is listening intently. George stops in the office for some faith sharing. We are functionally the chaplaincy for that supportive housing SRO. A wonderful haven but also a place that will make some people, like Rachelle, crazier.

Stephen and I review where we are related to our communications project. And also the plan we’ve been hatching with Martin. Inhale....if.....exhale...

candidates are coming

A couple from France comes in to look around. Interested in American churches.  A woman from the West 80’s Association steps by with more posters for the upcoming candidates forum.. This will be a time to meet the candidates face to face for us. Be visible in the community. Make initial contacts with who will succeed Gale. These West 80’s women are totally organized. They look at every detail. 

The day had more than enough reason to fall into depression. Too much is in limbo. Without any clear solution. And it is overwhelming from every angle. How to even begin? Slowly I come back to cynicism. And sardonic humor. Soon, I’ll get to sarcasm. A little longer and maybe hope will rise again.

The Prophet's latest proclamation

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