Friday, May 24, 2013

Almost midnight


Stephen  and Mitchell and I move the big screen and begin to prepare the space for the Red Bull load in. 

I look up and see Jason from #ows in front of me. He’s back from Atlanta, where he’s been living. Back for an action. And fro planning a reoccupation of Zucotti. Feels like something from the ancient past, not just last year. Stephen quickly hooks him up for working the Red Bull concert while he’s in town. I share with Jason his portrait from Elizabeth Herman ( and those of his #ows colleagues. He’s impressed. 

I come back late in the day. Angelo’s opening was impressive. he’s got an agent who wants to take his work to a higher level. His agent used to work for wssfsh with Hugo. and is connected with a dentist and a program that uses art sales to provide free dental care for uninsured children and other like the Bowery Mission and Wssfsh. ( Yet another program birthed at West-Park. 

As the sun is fading, I listen to Dzieci in the sanctuary. Tonight in the semi-dark, I hear what sounds like Gregorian or medieval church chant filling the walls. 

Beppe drops in and we go to the Gate to review the Carman Moore concert and organic urban gardening and shamans...When we return, Stephen is playing the piano.  Marc reminds  me that the garbage  has to go out. It’s late . Who can do it? Sergeant Keith and the lost patrol to the rescue. Job finished in a blink of an eye. 

Still a moral  dilemma for me. I know from Reachout  that Keith has housing he can return to. The steps are not a solution for Keith and his platoon. Still it's not bad to have a patrol of loyal Marines at your command, even with post-Afghan PTSD.

I love this, says Beppe. A church, almost midnight. A guy playing  piano, a homeless crew of marines  hard at work. Life. I love this...

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