Thursday, May 30, 2013

All I've got


The day after. After so much activity, the sanctuary always seems extra quiet. I’m checking out the water bottles, paper, etc. strewn around the sanctuary. So what are you up to? It’s Jeremy over in the corner getting his own music equipment back to normal. Just examining the detritus from last night, I say. Yeah, says Jeremy, looks like there was a rock concert here. 

Stephen comes in, looking appropriately exhausted. No good, I say. He agrees and will call Red Bull, as per contract to come in and clean up. He calls. And they will send a clean up person. It will take awhile.  We’ve been left, looks like, a year’s supply of Red Bull. 

Using the computer to try and locate Jay's computer and cell phone. Amazing how someone went up the backstairs during  the concert and made off with his stuff. Still shocks me when that happens. 

Eventually a Latina woman arrives. Stephen shows her where all the equipment is. Hours later, he'll check out the work. 

I step outside. The wheel chair man is asleep in the north doorway. He asks for some time. Looks like some quantity of something has spilled. I hope. 

Yesterday, Karen came in. Before the concert. Haven’t seen her for a long time. She was one of the original piano ladies, before Cara. She’s been in Hawaii. Wanted to play awhile. Clear that wasn’t going to happen. Then she asks if  Teddy’s around this afternoon. And I realize she’s missed the death, the memorial service, the whole thing. I tell her. And she’s in serious shock, disbelief.  I don’t have time to talk, with the concert coming up, so I direct her to the blog links for the stories ( ), and the link for Zeljko’s movie. )

Back outside, the man with the wheel chair is stirring. He asks for a soda. Maybe a sandwich. No soda, no sandwich, I say, but I do have Red Bull. It’s all I’ve got. 

Still later, the Sanctuary choir is arriving for rehearsal.

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