Thursday, May 9, 2013

Outside the box


Janet is a friend of our piano doctor extraordinaire Piano Dan. She's interested In bringing her students to West-park for their annual recital. We need Danielle to bring the calendar and rental rates and she's on her way and not here so there's time to kill.  I start by giving her the West-Park history. And then somehow we get to talking about children which leads to my son and her daughter and Berlin. Her daughter a musician bored in white bread Salzburg and my son a visaed musician artist in Berlin where they are visiting later this week. So I give her my recommended tour of Berlin including Micah’s Thursday night gig at Ernst in Wedding. Danielle arrives and it's time for the business discussion.

Stephen is in to update me on his communications work and preparation for tomorrow's conversation with the Red Bull people.

Nancy has recovered from yesterday's crisis and is ready to resume our ongoing real estate discussion. I remember my fascination with Glengarry Glen Ross by David Mamet. Saw it on Broadway with Lev Schreiber, Alan Alda and Gordon Clapp. Went with Nate. For those who know the play, it's still in my mind when I think about the world of real estate.

Martin looks in. Maybe we can actually get a plan together. Open invitation to  think outside the box.

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