Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Sentinel's name is Gregory

The Sentinel’s name is Gregory.
On my way to church on Columbus, I run into Norma on the street. She’s been a long time housing activist. She’s lost two children tragically to cancer. Her daughter Kelly was the first person I ever administered last rites to. It’s not about Catholic. We’re Latinos.  My friend Father Duffel told me what to say. I think of the sweet rich, creamy taste of coquito during Epiphany at her apartment. 
As I arrive, I find Danielle sweeping the steps. It was pretty bad out there this morning,  she says. 
Teddy comes in to sign up for the weekly responsibilities we’ve agreed to in our community meeting.  He’s the  first. We talk about people on the steps. There’s a guy he feels for he’s trying to hook up with Reachout. Dave and Donna seem to be OK in Harlem. We talk about how to get accountability in a community. Still working on that. 
Steve and I have a long conversation about enhancing the  church’s capacity in social media. This needs to be  taken seriously. and needs a real strategy. He agrees to put  together a plan. 
Bethany and Alex come in  to talk about their upcoming:marriage. We’ve still got details to work out to give them the unique interfaith marriage that they want.  They are the first couple I’ve met with to request, out of respect for marriage equality, to drop references to man and woman and simply say two people. I like that.

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