Monday, July 16, 2012

Bum's rush to bull rush

Jim W calls and I walk down the street to his house. A neighbor has helped him and his phone is working again. Good. We’ll be able to stay in touch. We sit. Have a good conversation. And we walk down the street together back to the church.
A delivery guy who speaks only Spanish comes in to the office. I check the order. It’s breakfast for Steve and Jay.
Jamie and I join in a conference call with an old friend who used to run a street ministry in San Francisco for runaway/throw away kids on Larkin Street. He’s now become a major player in the arena of philanthropy and investment for change. It’s clear we’ve got a lot of work to do.
A white guy of indeterminate age is lingering on the steps surrounded by his cardboard. Tattoos. No teeth.  The one Teddy described as having a jail look about him. Hard getting him to move on. Teddy more and more frustrated by the morning scene on the steps. I need to do a walk and check out BJ and SPSA. 
An actor from Glen’s show named Leviticus walks in to check on something he left. 
Deacon Jim comes in and out. Haven’t seen him in awhile. I know the chemo has been rough.
Marc is determined to help me reclaim our domain name that for years has been out of our hands and at the top of google search creating a wrong impression of who we are. has never been the official website for us. A former member created it and refuses to let it go. Can’t figure out why beyond grudge sake. Steve wants to work on this too.
RL and Teddy are working on a rehearsal space for RL who wants to work on his next CD. Teddy’s describing the problems on the steps, how hard it is to get people to move on. From bum’s rush to bull rush, he says. Holy Moses, says RL, laughing at his own joke. It takes me the minister a minute to get it. Not bad, RL, not bad. 

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