Saturday, July 21, 2012

We bought it from Aaron Burr

We finally find the keys to the safe deposit box. Danielle and I walk down to the bank to check it out. Random old papers. Deeds. Membership lists. If the Good Shepherd - Faith church property on 66th is ever to be sold for non-church use it reverts to West-Park. And we also helped start Ft. Washington. Most interesting  random fact: West Church’s first property on Carmine Street was bought from Aaron Burr.
Early in the morning Don comes in with his designer. As we walk through the church house, I listen as he describes his vision of the church house as a possible venue for his developing off Broadway show, Disenchanted.  He’s finishing a successful run at the Don’t Tell Mama cabaret. He’s got this creative plan for an immersive experience. 
Later in the day Mim comes in to meet with Sekou. To get better acquainted. To see how his vision and the Center’s might fit together. 
Rose and Requiem
The brothers from the Berkshires
And then to my surprise, Rose and Requiem walk in, back from the Berkshires to pick up things they had left. They both look good. Especially Rose. Things are working out with her family. Req has gotten a job with a family run IT business and is learning the trade. They’re impressed by how the church  has been cleaned up since they left. The two brothers from the IT business keep saying, it feels real good here. And Rose and Req say, see we told you.  We go outside and we take pictures. 
When I get back form my eye appointment, Sekou’s on the steps. We sit and talk awhile. About the Occupy Faith meeting that morning. How Some still raise liberal questions about does the word faith turn people off. What about our allies who are not believers?  And I said, that’s a different movement. It’s our faith that keeps us in this. That keeps us going. Keeps me going. That’s why I’m here. 
And should we still have Occupy in our name? 
That’s our heritage. That’s who we are.
Rose, Bob and Requiem
We talked about what’s next. I pointed out that with a few (significant) exceptions, we were old, white and liberal. Looking for our movement to come back round again. Not going to happen. This is something new.  LIke I’ve said, Occupy’s not so much a movement as a space within which we can build campaigns and a movement. 
Se all agreed that the best moment for us was the confrontation with Trinity Episcopal. Perhaps our calling is to confront our  own self-satisfied  liberal. Lots of energy around Stop and Frisk, (Okay, need to connect this with Jason and Occupy Open Space.)
And in the end we talk about needing to connect more at the grass roots level. To build from the ground up. Slow.But this is a long journey. Few of is will be living  to see the end. So much more reason ti celebrate that we have already won.  Just need to live  it out. 
Marc comes by. Sekou congratulates him for having won the battle of the floods. The heavy duty water vacs, the sand bags did it. We held the flood waters at bay. For now. Marc looks at Sekou, smiles before he enters the door. 

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