Sunday, July 15, 2012

Thankfully today no takeout Chinese

The Sentinel is at watch when I arrive. 
Brenda from Goddard-Riverside has come so that we can go together to check in on Jim W. She’s not been able to reach him for weeks. Voicemail full. Home phone disconnected. These visits always put me on edge. Like the 4th of July I was called only to find Samir several days dead in his apartment. And his daughter Leila in Russia. We called the police. I said a prayer. While we waited for the coroner, the police called for take out Chinese. Obviously more used to this than I.
So we call the super. Check the mailbox. Stuffed. Not a good sign. We go to the 8th floor. Knock. And hear his voice. He lets  us in. Glad to see us. Has been sick. The ring tone has been accidentally turned off on his phone. I am overjoyed to see him. Brenda asks some questions. He’s anxious to pull some things together. I get some relative contact information. Just in case. For the future. Promise to come back tomorrow. Seriously relieved.
Ludovica’s in setting up rehearsals for her next play. Theri from Finland is rehearsing another play in the chapel. And Glen come in to go over the press release for his play. We are filled with theatre.
Steve is at the piano. Wants to play for services. He’s playing over and over Nearer my God to Thee (what the quartet played as the Titanic was going down) and Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen.
Danielle joins me on the steps and we sweep together. Haven’t done this in awhile. Feels good. Martin passes by. Big changes happening. I say, You know you’re supposed to be here. Before he leaves we agree to a three day run of Misa Flamenca for next February. 
Jane and I head across the street for coffee and to catch up. It’s been awhile. And we talk about sustaining  hope. And the place spiritual  joy can come from. She and Sekou had a great day last Sunday while I was gone. He stayed through her service and they talked a long time. 
Our session meets with Jamie to walk through a contract to secure a real estate agency to handle our process regarding our building. We also talk with Glen about his vision for a Little Theatre at West-Park as an outreach ministry of the church. There’s a sense of excitement as to what this could be and Samantha and Lilly and Marsha all volunteer to work for his play. 
Outside, the Sentinel nods as I head home. 

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