Thursday, July 26, 2012

Can't cancel a 911


Max, Jay, Steve

Steve calls to tell me that someone from the fire alarm company is there about a problem with the phone lines and the fire alarm system. Didn’t see that coming. Have to hustle down there.  
My favorite counter guy from Barney Greengrass is sitting on the  steps with a basketball. He’s moved on with his life.  Is in the hood to play some ball wit some buddies.
Nan stops by with some checks. Christopher just wants to see what’s going on. 
Rudolfo comes by. He’s got a new haircut. Que guap’ esta, I say. And he smiles. Sus pelas ‘stan muy cortes....He’s looking good. 
Melisa comes by. For coffee. Despite our pursuit of a serious equity partner, we still have a desperate need for production work. The very kind of work she ca do so well.  It’s good to connect again. To see the possibility of working together.
Ludovica comes in to discuss her new play rehearsing. Melisa had come to see her production of Final Analysis. 
Max,Steve, Jay and Bob
(thanks Marc)
Out back, Steve and Jay and Jamie’s son Max and Marc are hard at work in the yard. Dismantling worn out rotten furniture. Picking up garbage. Trying to get the space back to what it was when Woodshed was here. It’s been awhile. 
On the steps, Edward is asleep with an open bottle behind him. I try to wake him. Edward, Edward, you can’t be here with an open bottle, I say. You can’t tell me what I can or can’t drink he says with thick, slurred speech. Well, yes I can, I say, I’m responsible for these steps. 
You’re not responsible for me, I’m responsible for me. 
But I am responsible for the steps. 
I was responsible for me before you was born.
(well not exactly) We’ve been through this again, I say.
And we’re not fuckin going through it again, he says, fuck you. 
You’re right, we’re not goin through this again...and I go inside to talk with Steve who’s getting ready for the dress rehearsal for Glen’s Dem Dahk Days Down South... He agrees to come out with me. 
I try rousing Edward, he waves me off.  Listen, Edward, you have a choice, you go now or I call the police...
So go ahead an fuckin call em, he says.
And I do. While we’re waiting,he gets up, unsteady. I be gone before they get here, he says. And as he’s leaving, You just wasted phone minutes, ha...
So now I have to wait for the police. Can’t cancel a 911. If he can’t get me one way, he’ll get me another. 
When he’s sober, he’s not a bad guy. Where’s he been since last August? What happened to his hook up and crib at Capital Hall?  It’s painful to see him back here again. He’s gone.
Pushing midnight, after a meeting at the B, he’s back again. Sprawled over the steps.  Garbage strewn all over the place. Not waking him now. Give Teddy a call to give a head’s up as to what he’s facing when he gets back from City Hall in the morning. 

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