Monday, July 9, 2012

Extra cheese with justice

The heat continues. Leila stops by just to see what’s going on. Leonel comes in wanting to schedule another performance. And Marc comes in with the proceeds of the EBay amplifier sale. The buyer from Singapore has come through. 
Then we do a tour of the balcony to see the evidence of electrical creativity matching that of any theatre group that has inhabited the space. Unravelling this should be a challenge. Or perhaps a spiritual exercise. 
Thank you Cafe Frida

Jason is connecting

Occupy is in the house: Steve and Jay
Time to head to Holy Name for the Sweatshop Free celebration. Much has been accomplished in the last year. A gathering drawing workers, politicians, clergy, occupiers and community people and small business owners will witness to the progress in community building, community ownership that has taken place. 
The owner of Cafe Frida will speak movingly of how treating your workers right raises the quality of your food. (Though I feel honored to be threatened with her.)Raises the quality of your restaurant. And he will be right. Always glad when one of my favorites does the right thing. 
Pastor Heidi wants justice with that extra cheese
Pastor Heidi’s clever reply to threatening letters from Domino’s shows the sense of ironic political humor I wish I had. How ‘bout some justice with that extra cheese? Oh fresh out? How ‘bout fair pay with that pepperoni? Oh not available?
The coalition: workers, politicians, small business people
After the politicians, I’ll wrap things up. Say my boys pushed me to move beyond solidarity waves into real action. And will tell the workers, we have already won. We just need to live into it. 
Passing by the church late at night, things are quiet. I’ll be up all night packing. Won’t see these steps for awhile. 

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