Friday, July 20, 2012

St. Michael the guarding angel and a thunderstorm

Steve is in the sanctuary playing Nearer my God to Thee. 
John R comes in with a gift for Danielle.He’s heard that she has moved in to a new home. He’s brought her a print of St. MIchael the Guarding Angel. He explains: It’s something we Latinos do. When  someone goes to a new home. To watch over, Keep you safe. Put him over the door, ok?
She is very moved. Thankful.
Teddy and I are talking. Seems like David and Donna have been found a place to live in Harlem by Reachout. 
Danielle and I are waiting for Jamie to head to Mim’s for our Center meeting. We need to leave but then Jamie calls and then we swing back to pick her up. Then Sekou calls and we pick him up too.
Ludovica’s stage manager comes in. They’re getting ready for the opening of Final Analysis downtown. 
Outside the cast of Playing with fire by Strindberg is sitting on the steps, having lunch.
Teddy is taking Sekou a tour of all the rooms, thinking about possibilities. Talking with them around issues of my son and his camp. We’ve got an Occupy group ready to go. 
There’s a lot of conversation going on with the Center Board over the previous night’s meeting.  Lots of feelings to express. 
And it has begun to storm. A thunderstorm. What you might call torrential. Water pouring into the church. Drains overflowing. Marc searching for a pump. Sandbags....water...
I’ve got to head out into the storm to go to Grand Central Station. 

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