Thursday, November 13, 2014

Two red shoes. No assumptions


There are a pair of delicate red shoes on the steps.

Lee has come in  with an attorney friend to push the idea of our dream wish list further. Beneath all of this does seem to be something doable. Enough to take the next research step.

Looking forward to going with Pat to Esther’s to play some music. Get ready for our benefit.

Karen playing beautiful music in the sanctuary.


Pat O back again to prepare for the Session meeting.

The Rev Coms are reaching fever pitch as the Avakian-West event nears.

Nan comes in with checks and financial information. She’ll be retiring at the end of the year. Another big gap to fill. She kept loyal and kept the books straight  even through the most difficult times.

Ralph of ETHEL stops by at the end of their rehearsal. Great having them back again. He’s working on something for November 30.

A neighbor drops in  with noise complaint. Feels we’ve been going backwards vis a vis the community. I explain that the irony is that the group that caused him the most trouble was from a neighbor condo owner and private school parent friends, the very groups that we’re always encouraged to rent to. Community people. Can’t be makin’ assumptions. I'll ask Marc to keep an ear on things. 

 A better session meeting. We all seem to be on the same page. Charles’ first with us. There a lot of floating pieces. Like a jig saw puzzle. Or Rubik’s cube. At least there’s interest. Almost more than we can handle. We survive a couple of conflicts. My staff has accomplished some things this week. Things crossed off the to do list.

Marsha stays to give some supportive words. Asks what I need. I’m not sure. Mostly everybody remain calm. On my way to Fifth Avenue Presbyterian for annual Presbyterian Welcome Faithful Servant Awards event. 

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