Thursday, November 27, 2014

Still pleasant but a storm is coming


Milica and her friend Margaret the flautist are in to check out the space for lighting and other logistics for the Composers’ Concordance concert coming up on December 6th. As always, Mili with intriguing ideas. When they’re done, I’ll walk Mili down to the Gate to see if we can interest Paul in backing Mili’s concert.

After a successful visit, we com back to the church to await the delivery of a piece of playable art from last year’s festival. A marimba-like wooden instrument to reside in the West-Park sanctuary for awhile.

Jed S is wanting to schedule space for a  listening party. He’s made a sonic calendar and has recorded one minute of sound every day for a year. So his party will be six hours long.

Helen, an intense young woman who attended the Krakow UnSound festival here a few years ago ( She’s looking to do a sound and video projection installation.

Been invited to a critical response session by the revcoms to review their dialogue between Avakian and Cornell West. During the discussion, people will listen with rapt attention to the verdict from the grand jury in Ferguson.

Later, after our set at the Gate, Pat O and I will head to Union Square to see what’s going on, but the crowd had already moved on.

The sun and unseasonable warmth  gave a feeling of relief, of well being to the day.


Jeremy and I are planning out music and worship through the end of the year. Things rounding into shape. Just have to figure out how to get people out.

There will be an interfaith service in solidarity with Ferguson tonight at the First Corinthian Baptist Church around the corner from me.

While rebellion and resistance to oppression breaks out across the country, life goes on pretty much as normal. It’s still pleasant but a storm is coming.

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