Saturday, November 22, 2014

The day ended with Cymbeljam



Our neighbors Susan S and Melissa from the West 80’s Neighborhood Association are in to make arrangements for their holiday get together at West-Park. Good memories of last fall’s candidate’s forum.

A woman has come in and is praying.

On the way back to the church from our last Israel-Palestine film, the documentary by Lia Tarachansky On the Side of the Road ( This fall’s series has focused on the Nakba, or catastrophe, as the Palestinians refer to the loss of their land. We were lucky to have Lia with us tonight at St. Michael’s.

About halfway back. I run into Sean. What’s up? I thought you had a place?
Yeah, I been there all week…I’ve got about a 90% chance of my own private room.
That’s cool, but we got to deal with your stuff.
Yeah, I know. When I get my room..
It’s got to be soon, Sean. Can’t be there.
I know, Bob. You goin there now?
Yeah. But you need to get back home. It’s cold.  See you soon…

Back at the church, I make it in time for the final acts of Sam Gibbs’ Cymbeljam…A rather unique creation. In the chapel. He started with riffs out of his production of Cymbeline. Dressed in a Robin Hood like costume complete with bow, like ome of the Duke's men from the forest of Arden in As You Like It. The opens the stage for a Shakespeare jam/open mic. From songs to monologues to stand up rooted in a play, and even stand up, performers are freestyling Will. I make it in time for a stand up act that interpolates the Seven ages of man speech (As You Like It, again...)into Seven ages of women and a couple of wild monologues including Prince Hal. Sam may be onto something here…

I see a guy wearing a College of Wooster hat and think he may be from my school, but no. He found it in a bar and because he trained with the edgy Wooster Group theatre decided to claim it and wear it every day…

Stop by to see RL and catch up on the week before heading home…

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