Thursday, November 20, 2014

And still freezing cold....


our first Sunday  concert: Priska's work

Charles is showing folks from the Journey Church around the building. They are one of the post-denominational emergent churches. Looking for space. Happen to be Dion’s other church. Wondering how that might work out….

Priska has been working on some fliers for me in her own unique art style. There’s a brightness. And a bit of whimsy. RL walks in and she is genuinely glad to see him after so long back in Switzerland. Something about the way she interacts with him reminds me of her art. I’m super anxious about getting sufficient publicity for our first Sunday morning experiment.

Off to Starbuck's to catch up with Jane and review her new venture TRIBE.( She has finally moved past the Sacred Center and Sanctuary NYC experiences. An adventure in California with leadership Long Beach that involved  climbing a very tall tree has had a metaphoric significance. She is finding the appropriate container for what she wants to do. For her gifts.

Sean's stuff is still there in the corner of the sanctuary.

Charles working on attempting to bring a better sense of order to the office. 

Pat O is in for a review of where we stand on just about everything. Need to keep the momentum moving forward.

And still freezing cold….

The whole series

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