Sunday, November 30, 2014

Not looking forward to going out in the cold


Pat O, RL and Nick end the night

Sean back. Wants to go through his stuff. Yes, next week it will all be gone.

Conversation with Ryan C about social media. Our need to find better ways to get our word out.  Raise awareness. We’re doing great and exciting things. I ask him to come up with a plan. I’m excited that he wants to go to Union Seminary. Not to be a minister, but for a Master's in  arts and ritual. He could be one of those creating the new communities.

Thomas R back from Brooklyn again for his volunteer work . More folding. And going through cabinets, ordering things. He has a truly wonderful spirit. 

Seems like a quiet night at Open Mic, though a variety as usual. Kieran leads off with originals, which is really his forte.
Kieran leads off. 
A young man named Jonathan does some hip hop poetry. Joel does his improvisation with Steve again
Joel and Steve
and Steve has some of his own seasonal music.
Steve alone
Responding to our two days of chilling cold, Joe gives us a Cremation of Sam McGee by Robert Service.
The Cremation of Sam McGee
Nick has another set of his unique banjo stylings.
Pat O continuing to explore his pedal box.
Pat O
And a repeat of his original song about the Gate. David Lyons, who is seriously part of the glue that keeps everything going, has taken over the Open Mic Facebook page. And is taking photographs to make a record of the night.
David Lyons
With a real camera. ( have no idea what to do, but wind up doing Southern Lady as an opener, my acapella Bottom Line and after a short poem, Blue eyes cryin’ in the rain.

Monday night poem: While rebellion and resistance to oppression are breaking out all across the country, life goes on pretty much as usual
I am at the Gate singing Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain.
The lights of Amsterdam Avenue shining through the window behind me.
Fires are burning. Bridges, tunnels, streets and highways shut down.
It's still pleasant out.
But a storm is coming.

 RL began the night. Held the night together, closed it as well.

Not looking forward to going out into the night.

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