Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Halloween 2014



 Pat O comes back from a meeting with the Department of Buildings triumphant. They had not actually denied our application for a Letter of No Objection, only not approved it. (Bureaucracy.) They needed a better understanding of what activities take place in this church.  And halfway through the meeting, our Borough President Gale Brewer showed up, waited, then weighed in, with helpful precedents from our neighbors, like SPSA.  And at the conclusion of it all, our code consultant (new name for expeditor) said, wow, you guys must be really well connected…They will let us know soon, perhaps even Monday, of their decision. Point is, Gale came through. A political victory, if nothing else.

Then we meet with one of our theatre people, Lee, who wants to know our wish list, our dream list. She may have a line on some significant funding source, if job creation is part of the project. We try not to get too many hopes up. But then, you just never know. Just never know.


Pat K has brought in skulls and other decorations. Our neighbor Jen  has brought candy.Leila has created a spooky environment in the front of the church.
Trick or treaters
Our artist friend from Denmark, Nanna, has come to help give treats to the tricksters…and to learn about  holiday with which she is unfamiliar.  And Leila has brought masks.
Leila did the decorations. And brought the masks

First to arrive are a family from France. With two little girls. Heading back to France tonight. They do a cute recitation ending with …and if you haven’t got a hay-penny, then God bless you…with a heavy French accent. And we give them their treats.

That starts a steady stream of costumed kids and parents. All goes well until one little girl, who has apparently had too much candy, let’s fly seemingly twice her volume in  regurgitation. Her mom tries to help. I wind up with the mop. Late in  the day, Jen drops by with her kids. When we close up, Nanna is ready to head to the Village. I’m not sure she knows what she is in  for.
A steady stream

And soon enough, it’s time for a special Halloween edition  of Open Mic. There are, of course, costumes. David L as a cowboy. 
David Lyons
RL with his duster, his all black western gear and his long barreled pistol.
Don't draw on RL
Young Jeremy
as a pimp with gold chain, hat and cigar. And later, Victoire as Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Vic
and Henri as a pirate. Mandola Joe, well he comes as the green man ( although with his homemade hat from his grandmother’s pillow, he could pass for a leafy byzantine pope.
Mandola Joe as the Green Man

The music picks up scary themes as well. But tonight’s real surprise is my friend Beppe with his gong. He uses it in a multifaceted way, creating a sonic journey akin to what the contemporary electronic musicians do. But with an acoustic instrument with a variety of mallets, brushes, other devices, and wind chimes. And we are all entranced. Joe is especially moved.
Beppe and gong
Joel and Srteve
 There's another Joel and Steve collaboration and Steve does hi sown set with his ukelele.
Steve solo
Pat O
Pat O has an extended solo with his new electronic pedal board.
I start by explaining that my friend said that I should be a Pirate for Halloween, so that is why I am wearing my Pirate jersey. (Number 21, Roberto Clemente, the great one…) I do three scary songs.  My own Johnny Walker Red, Dylan’s …Hard Rain…(I’m finally getting it  down enough to really push it…) and bring Pat O and Mandola up for Long black veil, the first song we ever did together.

Little Red Riding Vic’s Halloween miracle is convincing RL ( I said I don’t play top back up other people…) to join her and Mandola Joe on stage for House of the Rising Sun. (I love how she rhymes sew…with new so that it sounds like sued my new blue jeans..)
Vic's dream comes true
And Henri performs for the first time, a traditional  song and then La Marseillaise, the French national anthem.
La Marsellaise

Neighborhood friend David York closes out the night.
David York

And then, as always,  Stay Awhile as a closer. Yet again another good night.


Two pirates

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