Sunday, November 23, 2014

A house full of music


The man says he’s just got a new job. But can’t afford a metro card to get there. Could I maybe…

The man says he came to town with his buddy who got drunk and now he’s lost his wallet and could I maybe…

So much to do. Main concern is this week’s first Awakening concert. Getting out pr. Getting fliers up. Priska has come up with something really good. She’s going to get some prints. When will she be back? What stones have not yet been turned?

In the sanctuary, Thomas Bo and Roland are rehearsing again. Thomas’ prophecy from the refrigerator box again…

Up in the top floor studio, Jeremy has a full house of musicians. A guitar player. A bass player. A tabla player. A dohl player. A drummer. A saxophonist/flautist. Jeremy on keyboards and melodica. And the local king of Hindi rock, Purnash. ( First time I’ve heard this genre of music. Some banghra. Some mixing of Indian and reggae. Like  the Indian subcon musicians from the West Indies. Jeremy wielding a strong hand of direction until it comes out right. I love all this music in the house. They’ve got a gig tomorrow night at the far end of the F line in Jamaica (Queens).

Thomas R has come in from Brooklyn for his weekly volunteer work, plenty of his favorite activity, folding, again.

I go off to visit Rachel. Harder and harder for her to make it into church. And I'm back to church in time for Open Mic.

Joel and Steve
Looks like a slow night. Like maybe we should even cancel. But slowly the players and stayers assemble. The stream of consciousness stand up guy is back.
stand up
He’s a few miles short of Andy Kauffman territory. ( Those are, however, not insignificant miles…) All around fill in whatever needs to  be done’s David L plays his set with wife and daughter there for support. Makes it clear that the subject of Want You to Love me Like my Dog Does is not his wife. Or his dog.  He's part of the glue that keeps it all going.
David Lyons

Joel is back with another improv backed by Steve B
Steve Blane
who has his own set as well with a new holiday song, Gonna Light a light…( O leads off with Whiskey in my whiskey. And his original song about the Gate again.
Pat O

Jeremy and Priska have dropped in so when I get up for my set of original New Mexico songs, Jeremy joins me. And it’s good working with him again.
Bob and Jeremy
Country Joe is back and when be performs you can see in his eye he’s on another stage somewhere else as he sings and dances his way through Kansas City and King of  the Road. Pat gamely backing him up.
Pat O and Country Joe

Sam, who months ago arrived here fresh-faced from Indiana with her whole clan, is back. Still determined after months of waitressing, but not so starry eyed anymore.
Sam and Josh
And as always, RL with his interstitial offerings as the moment inspires and the now closing time Stay Awhile.
Pat O, RL and Steve

All’s well that ends well.

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