Saturday, August 23, 2014

You never know what Friday night will bring....


Jake and Nick

Another two interviews for Danielle’s position. This is really hard. Each of our interviewees has something to offer.

Pat O helps Stephen and I understand the whirlwind of activities surrounding architects and contractors and Department of Buildings and…so many moving pieces. Like a mobile. On the other hand, it’s reconstruction we’re talking about. Let that sink in. And then we work on the congregational revitalization part of the plan.

Sean comes in. He has greatly reduced his footprint. But no solution yet.  So he’s in to change clothes before returning to the street.

Our neighbor Jeff is back from vacation. Compliments my glasses. It’s depressing when people are coming back before I’ve been away.

Open Mic is in the sanctuary tonight. Can’t be in the chapel with the Texas Trilogy in Mc Alpin right above. The acoustics of the sanctuary will make this a special experience. It will be a small crowd. Late August in New York. Nobody’s in the city except tourists and people who enjoy the emptiness. Most of the regulars are here.

David Lyons
David Lyons, who runs the sound in a pinch, gets a bit bolder every week. Tonight he does two songs for the first time. And his wife and daughter are there to cheer him on.

Troy from London filling in at the bar.

Joel takes us on his usual fantastic journey
Joe Gold
and RL sends me up to follow. I know where I want to end up and work my way there with tow originals. Kind of a bitter set. But to honor Texas, I come out with Hank Thompson’s Wild Side of Life. (I didn’t know God made Honky Tonk Angels…) It feels good.

Anna brings in some hip hop guys who are subletting from Mitchell and need a rehearsal. I tell them they can’t until the play’s over. And they’re cool with that.

Pat O surrounds a Nick Drake with two of his better originals, his own song about Nick Drake (…his last song was a hymn..) and coming from his Irish history, Old Soldier.
Pat O
After my talk about the Trilogy, David L’s wife tells me her father Lee Richardson, was in the original casts in DC and New York. Remembered how the New York reception broke Preston Jones’ heart. He died shortly after, much too young. (Thanks again to ReGroup for bringing him back…) I love those West-Park cross currents.

Mandola Joe
Mandola Joe had actually been planning to do both Wild Side and Kitty Wells’ answer, It wasn’t God who made honky tonk angels…but I got there forstso he just does Kitty’s song and two of his declamatory  a capella songs.
Young Nick the banjo player brings up his guitar partner Jake fop ran original and two of  his psychedelic bluegrass covers. (Though they’re really reimaginings..) They finish with a guitar version of four hand piano. That was amazing.
And then, as always, Stay Awhile, solo instruments playing fro the pews when RL calls them out.  Time to head to the Gate….and thank Paul the owner for all his support of performances at West-Park.

                                                                    Hank Thompson

                                                                       Kitty Wells

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