Monday, August 4, 2014



Pat O arrives to help me prepare for the Session meeting. And soon enough, all the others arrive. In these meetings, especially when money is at stake, there’s always a point where questions arise. Is it really worth it to keep propping up this building? Would it make sense to sell the building and perhaps buy a brownstone or storefront and start over? At this point, after all this struggle, do we still have the energy and strength to engage in the process of rebuilding our critical mass? Such questions are frustrating for groups that have been putting in long hours working towards a particular direction, but are inevitable given the length of the struggle. After 3 hours of hard work, decisions have been made re.our contractor, our architect and the scope of work we are ready to begin. Later, Pat O assures me that this is progress. I need that reassurance.

A man I think I recognize comes in. He’s with a committee for a democratic Iran. Looking for a meeting place. It’s been years since they’ve been here. I remember the last time, we wanted  security on hand.

Late in the day, Dion drops in. Was in the neighborhood. Just wanted to say Hi. We need to help him in his job search.

All that’s left is to finish the service, work on my reflection and take care of some e-mails.  Need a day off.

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