Friday, August 22, 2014

Things are rough out there


There’s a full day if interviewing candidates to replace Danielle. Young Latinas, each with their own gifts. One very professional looking who has helped her small Catholic church double in size.(That certainly appeals to me...) Men young. Men retired. Some candidates clearly have taken a training session in successful interviewing for jobs. Others natural and at ease. Too bad you can’t roll them together into a composite. Things are rough out there. (As Dylan would say, high water everywhere…)

One of the candidates very happy ot have a chance to play the Beckstein awhile. 

I look up and see Marina’s back. The first of the Noche gang to reappear. She’s heading out west to visit her family. Wanted to come onto the studio and work out since she’ll be away from dancing awhile. 

Summer is ending too quickly and I'm still here..

Gregory appears again with that look on his face. The over familiarity. Feigned intimacy. I offer to get him a round trip subway trip. Bu that’s somehow not enough.

Stephen W is back and jumps in to help with the interviews, his business sense a definite plus. We’ll need go out to dinner and catch up.

Pat O and Marsha are sitting down for a first go at a new budget. We’re walking a tightrope here.

Just as I’m about to head out to eat with Stephen, Sean appears. Needs me to help him call a friend who’s trying to help him with storing his stuff (which he has greatly reduced..) He’s been in  touch with another program that maybe…There is this touch of grace…There is something about Sean that does shine through. There is definitely a circle of people in the neighborhood who care for and look out for him. Sometimes that’s his only lifeline. Conversation finished, he says I love you man, into the phone and hands  it back to me. I’ll see ya Bob, he says. And wheels off.

Time to eat with Stephen then pay a visit to Rachel.

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