Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Sometimes life is like that


When I get to the church, TK is in the chapel, in case anyone comes in to see Savarino’s photography exhibit. I feel like I have been living with TK these last several weeks as he has been here regularly preparing for the upcoming Hiroshima commemoration. I was happy to see him in our service yesterday, though on the side where he could see anyone coming in. I have learned much about Buddhism just by being with him on so many occasions. He’s been our neighborhood’s go to Buddhist, though that didn’t sit so well with his temple. I couldn’t help but wonder what he made of our service, small as it was. What did it feel like to him? He stayed after, ready to start cleaning in advance of Tuesday’s event, wanting wood cleaner to clean the pulpit and pews. It’s only 2 days away, he said.

Still has a lot of concerns. Wants to move the big Tiffany studio chairs back up onto the pulpit platform. And the bigger concern is the news that Japanese television will be covering our event live. He wants to make sure we’re ready for them.

One of my concerns is that reGroup has taken it upon themselves to repaint our 86th street door. In my humble opinion, it has changed from Holy Spirit red to bordello orange. We’ll have to talk about this.
We’ve got a very full house. Every space filled. Jeremy G and the Open Choir and Seed Group are in the gym where Sam and Cymbeline wanted to be. ReGroup is in Mc Alpin and the chapel has the Savarino exhibit and the session will be in the gym. Where can they go? I think a minute  and then give them the keys to the studio. Noche’s away. They’ll be good. Don’t tell anyone, okay? I ask.

Marc is concerned about where reGroup located the airconditioning  compressor outside. I don’t like it either, but Jerry checked it out and besides, it’s too late.

Jeremy M is looking for a space for the Magi to rehearse, but tonight, it’s just not going to be. There is none.

The Session has another long meeting. We congratulate Jamie on her successful completion of the triathlon in under 4 hours. Jamie has brought us a term sheet that we might actually consider. Lots of time talking about our upcoming project and the difference between general contractor, project manager, architect, code consultant, expeditor, architect, owner’s rep….definitions and responsibilities, overlap. The bottom line is we want as few of these as possible, we like Jerry, Jerry’s architect doesn’t want the job and we’ve found one we like. OK, more progress. Next step to come.

I look outside. Sean’s there.  Needs a wrench for his chair. I have no idea where to find one. He’s OK with that. He looks up. Saw you last week, you weren’t lookin so good.
I know man, it was a hard night. Sometimes life is like that. 
He looks up at me. Shows me his leg, now amputated to the knee, his legs no longer even. I look back. Can’t use the prosthetics no more, he says, and shrugs.

Yeah,sometimes life is like that.

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