Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Those goddamn Mexicans. Maybe music will help...


Jeremy comes in to talk about Sunday services and we wind up going to Oaxaca for lunch. How can anything compare to a combo taco plate with a nopal (cactus), pollo mole and Korean (bul go gi and kimchi) taco combination plate?

Another interview for someone to replace Danielle. A really sweet older woman. I have to say how much I appreciate Leila’s presence. She has brought greater order to the office and has a strong quiet presence. I learn to appreciate her more and more each day.

A man come in seeking an unlimited metrocard. Says a church at 59th and Lexington..way across town… told him to come here. Say what? Where exactly does that come from? I resent it when churches with much more money send people to see us where any money has to come from me personally. I can give him enough for a round trip metro card. That’s all I’ve got. Seriously?

Over 21/2 hours discussing a proposed lease with a lawyer is nothing short of exhausting. Are we willing  to put all our chips on the table? I am feeling drained.

As I come back to the church, I encounter Keith. He’s still trying to get veteran’s assistance for a much needed operation. How is it that these volunteer veterans sent to Iraq or Afghanistan wander our streets suffering from PTSD and God knows what else from wars we can’t even figure out what we’re trying to win? It makes Colonel Kincaid in the Oldest Living Graduate all the more understandable. It just never ends. Never ends. We keep sending soldiers to give their lives for what? Are these homeless wandering veterans really that much better off than those who died? Well OK,  that’s a rhetorical question.

Hey pastor, Keith says. You know what they’re trying to do to my governor? (He’s talking about Texas Governor Rick Perry.) They’re trying to indict his ass. It’s all about the goddamn  border. Those goddamn Mexicans. Keep coming across. Do you realize it costs us Americans, us hard working people, $378 per Mexican? Those goddamn Mexicans…

I look at him. And have no idea what to say.  Finally I say, Keith, I hope you get the help you need soon. You can’t keep living on the steps You’ll die. Let me know if I can help…

Even though I’m emotionally and physically exhausted, I’m on my way to Esther’s. A night of making music with her and Katie just might help.

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