Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nothing else matters


Leila and I conduct two interviews for a possible replacement for Danielle. It’s a sign of the economy that we’ve had over 200 applicants, including people with master’s degrees. Both candidates have strong points, good spirits, a sense of interest in what we’re about, positive outlooks….but we’ll have to do more…

Pat O and I meet to review presentations for Sunday’s congregational meeting. We want to have a clear and coherent presentation of everything we’re working on, congregationally and construction-wise, so that everyone can be on the same page. A monthly update form that Pat has been working on seems to be a good format. So much is happening at once, it can make your head swim. We have to keep processes moving forward in a decent and orderly way, as the Presbyterians lie to say.

Jeremy and I meet to continue our discussion of Sunday mornings and what we can do to use our worship as a way to build the community and grow the congregation.

A representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party comes in to talk about a possible gathering on Labor Day as part of their RA Everywhere campaign. Nothing ambitious there….I continue to be intrigued and amazed at the devotion of cadre in this, no other way to say it, cult of personality. Yet the RCP seems to keep showing up, on stop and frisk, police violence, mass incarceration and even the upcoming climate march. I joke with Russ that if RA as a septuagenarian can still aspire to leading the vanguard of global revolution, I’m not too old to lead a church revitalization. Maybe you’re not ever too old as long as your vision is strong.

Henry, one of our long time visitors, drops by, just to use the facilities, not lookin’ for anyhing elseand blesses us all before he leaves. 

I stay to see reGroup’s second installment in the Texas Trilogy, Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander. With some trepidation. Tulsa’s American Theatre Company’s ‘70’s production with Kitty Russell as Lu Ann stays with me still. But this time it works. Yeah, some of the good old boys  are still a bit over the top, a bit too heehaw, as it were. But first Ted Morgan as Red Grover makes us feel as if we’re in his bar and then Adrienne La Valley absolutely nails Lu Ann. Her scene as the recently divorced single mother beauty technician in Red’s Bar and then the final scene as a diligent hard working mother responsible both for her daughter and mother is heartbreaking and filled with subtle, revelatory nuance. She captures every bit of the poignancy and pathos Preston Jones wrote into the text. She embodies Lu Ann, draws us to her. And we can reflect on our own lost dreams. It’s even more impressive when I learn that she stepped into the role only 9 days before opening when the original lead had to pull out. I respect that what these guys are doing theatrically is the equivalent of a musician mining Americana. It's worthwhile work. As long as you enter into it with humility,  dignity and respect.

The night finishes  with a conversation with RL.

Doesn’t matter what you’re working on. No matter what your project is, it all comes down to relationships. Without taking them seriously, honoring them, nothing else matters. That’s it. End of story.

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