Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The bomb landed on the cathedral


This is the season where the JCC summer camp kids gather on our front steps every morning to catch their bus to camp and are there every afternoon when they come back, their parents waiting for them. Just before they got back today, I had to remind the surly barefoot man, no sleeping on the steps during the day.

Pat O and Marsha in early to go over everything coming up in the week ahead. All the meetings with architects, contractors, elevator people, roof people, boiler people, we need to keep our project moving forward.

A man comes in wanting a new bag, or back pack to carry his stuff in. Seems upset when I tell him we don’t have anything like  that.

Paule Saviano, the rock star photographer who took such stunning portraits of the hikabushas, has come in to take down and load out his photos. It’s been an honor to have had his work, first in Mc Alpin, then in the Chapel, for a week. Shortly thereafter, TK arrives for one last clean up job. We will keep the peace cranes hanging  in the doorway.

Sean wheels up. There seem to be issues with the place he has been living…his stuff….

RL stops in before going back to finish his breakfast, we’re looking for a time to speak, not talk…

Late afternoon, a man named Michael comes in looking for a Bible. I go to look for one of our hardback ones. No, he says, a paperback will be fine
I don’t know about that, I say. But there in the pew in front of me, a paperback Bible. 
Tell me your name, he says, So I can write it in the Bible and remember who gave it to me. So I tell him. And bless him. As he blessed me.

An old Japanese man has come to help TK clean up. He was the one who was born in an internment camp then deported to Japan after the war. A man with a very gentle, forgiving spirit.

Some final notes:
+ TK reminded me that Nagasaki was the most Christian of any Japanese city. The bomb landed on the cathedral.
+ At the conclusion of his chanted Lamentation, Rabbi Michael added a prayer for the children of Gaza and Israel. The lamentations continue.
+The drummer KATARO wore a Palestinian keffiyah as a scarf, his own silent witness.

Leila is in to talk with Danielle. She’ll be filling in while we interview for a replacement.

The day turns to night. Ryan and his young crew rehearsing Cymbeline. reGroup actors arriving for this evening’s performance.

Time to wrap up the day with Danielle. From the Sanctuary, I hear the sounds ot Jeremy and the Seed Group singing Ain’t gonna let nobody turn me around, turn me around, turn me around….

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