Friday, March 14, 2014

This winter won't let go


Just as the weather struggles to escape the arctic vortex, I struggle to escape this lingering cold, congestion, cough.After a few good weeks, felt it returning Saturday and then it lands full force, worse than before. Like winter refusing to loose its icy grip. It will have it’s effect all week…..

Today project remove Rachel’s stuff begins.  A crafty strategy has been developed  and we have  brought on a mini-crew to do the work under cover of darkness. We will leave it at that, except to say that when we take a close look, we are all aghast at what she has been able to squirrel away. All that made for that never seen anything like this before reaction from the exterminators.  Who by the way did a great job.  Haven’t seen a mouse in my office or sanctuary ..or Martin’s studio…since they’ve been here…All that’s left is stuff removal…

A young woman has travelled a long ways looking for a flamenco class. Indignant that they are not here. Says she won’t come back. She apparently already has the drama necessary.

On my way back from a Nets game with Nate, stop at the Gate to get a progress report from RL. Step one complete. Stuff removed from corners of sanctuary and nearby environs.


All that is possible is to go to Newark and teach.


Two big blocks down the street from where I live, an apartment building full of people explodes and collapses in smoke and flame. I know this because of all the texts and emails wanting to know if I'm ok....

Manage to get it together to meet Pat K around the corner. She’s got a car service to take us to Williamsburg (Brooklyn, where our most cutting edge artists have come from, as well as audience) to see her son Jay and his wife Maya and their band Guess and Check celebrate their CD release and last gig before a soon on its way baby. A phone call en route  indicates maybe too soon, but not yet. Part of the pleasure of this job is getting t share these kind of nights wit my community members. I remember Jay and Maya’s wedding years ago and the self-produced cd that served as a favor. They’ve been willing to work hard. And have grown. ( )

Late night, I get a call from RL that Sean is there outside the door, his battery cable unhooked. (I had noticed him earlier but figured he’d be gone after he was charged up.) And that there’s been mysterious lights on/off/on, open door, files out… activity in Martin’s office long after he was there. At 12:30 AM, I’m not going back. But good to know.  As RL reminded me, after a brief respite, the frigid air is back again. I go to sleep worrying about Sean.

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