Friday, March 21, 2014

From service to proprietership


I’m in the office only briefly after another long grueling day in court. I’ve got just enough time to knock out a brief piece of work before heading to Newark to teach. I am exhausted. Anna drops in for a chat. I try and explain gently that I’ve got no time right now, trying to get out.


No court today. Motions day. Time to catch up a little.

Jeremy stops by. On his way to Switzerland for six weeks.  I will miss him. Hope that when he returns we can talk about a longer term relationship. We talk about what it might take to start building things up and also the music business.

In the studio, Eric the ballet coach for Martin is standing high, swathed in black and a long flowing black stream of cloth in front of him. Martin still working intensely on that Antigone effect.

It’s raining and Jason Woody wheels up, taking a break from one of his deliveries. An on-line course has arrived for him. He’s thinking about maybe heading to Texas to see his family to maybe relocate.

Roselyn is back for one last interview before finishing her study. She’s been diligent and thorough in her research. I’m sorry to tell her the deal we were working on didn’t come through. That changes her paper. She had a happy ending all worked out. Not yet, not yet. So why, she wants to know, as SPSA succeeded and we still struggle? For my mind, having B’Nai Jeshurun as a partner/major renter gave them stability. And also renewed and inspired them spiritually. There was a time when we were about the same level attendance wise, but under Pastor K’s leadership they have flourished. We have had ups and downs. But we’re still here. We also talk about the whole landmarks issue. And possible city policy changes that could help.  Part of our agenda with Helen Rosethal. And I also share my if I had it all to do over discussion, but that’s another story. She also wants to know how RL got here. And that is yet another story, but I tell it. 

Geoffrey has wandered in and is resting. Visitors from Italy come in, look around, and leave.

Finally Priska stops in to say goodbye. Her show will open soon in Berne. I feel halfway tempted to go check it out. Never been to Switzerland. Would like to see Geneva, Calvin’s base of operations back in the (Reformation)day. I will miss her bright and positive spirit.

RL insists I stop in and view an old movie. Ruggles of Red Gap with Charles Laughton and the unforgettable ZaSu Pitts. One of those 1930’s black and white features. Starts out as just a comedy as Ruggles the manservant of  British lord is won in a poker game by a nouveau riche American western millionaire. But Laughton has a touching recitation of the Gettysburg Address and there is a moral to the story. But the intended lesson for me is how to move from the status of in service to proprietorship. RL always has a metaphor handy, though not always short in getting there. Usually takes at least one story and perhaps a yarn or tall tale.

It’s been good being out of court for a day. But my anxiety will push me to stay up late writing notes for what I want to make sure my attorney says in his summation argument. There is, tough I try and resist it, a feeling of dread.

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