Monday, March 24, 2014

And yes, even a tap dancer


ETHEL is back and in the balcony of the sanctuary. It’s good to hear their music filling the place again. And Antigone flamenco continues to evolve in the studio.

One amazing Open Mic night. Starts with a woman maybe 70/80 years old, says she sings in a nearby Catholic church choir. Her name sounds like the governor’s so I’ll call her Mrs. C. RL connects her with the inimitable Mrs. Miller of the ‘60’s but only he and I are old enough to remember. (for those brave enough… )
But in all honesty, Mrs.C is much better. 
Mrs. C is better

I have no idea what she is going to do, but soon enough she is singing an acapella version of Under the Boardwalk with confidence and clarity. And she follows that up with Unchained Melody…and I wonder 15-20 years from now will I enter into an open mic somewhere and…

Mabel's poetry
We’ve got a bevy of shy young women. Mabel S, a young Latina who shares her poetry. Jaz James, in  from LA and ready to do the Bitter End on Sunday, wanting a warm up and shy about the crowd. Soon enough she’ll sit at the piano and play her original songs. (You can hear Jaz here:
Jaz James from LA gets ready for the Bitter End
She’s got something. Then there’s Camille the tap dancer. That is a first for sure. She does a solo. Then a dance while Mandola Joe does an Irish bit. The young banjo phenom Nick L is back as well as our regulars and new friends Columbia U grads Rose and Josh. And Rose persuades Camille not to
Camille taps
leave but to do one more with her.
Tapping with Rose and Josh

By now, I’m wondering is RL more Major Bowes, Ted Mack or Arthur Godfrey? Well, we’re all winners here and everyone can come back…. (that was me, not RL…)

My friends Esther and Dave have come. Esther sing backup with Katy in a rock band and I have always wanted her to come. Because she also writes her own music and I want to hear her music, on her own, not as a back up. She and Dave stay for the whole night, up to RL’s all star wasn’t intended to be but wound up being anyways signature closer, Stay Awhile.
Stay awhile

Esther says kind of reminds her of an AA meeting. I look quizzical. She says, No I mean everyone’s welcome, everyone’s accepted.. Anyone  can share… And be appreciated. (I get it, you mean the way church is supposed to be…)Next time, Esther, you’re on.

It felt so good that a circle stayed around plying and singing after. Nick and Joe soon followed by Pat and John and Rose and I....
And the aftershow

Later, at the Gate, we agree it would make a great reality TV show. This one for sure would have.


Marvin has been working all day. Repairing a sidewalk. (No not that sidewalk, the city did that already..), a toilet in the women’s room, a door…little steps, important steps.

I pause to watch Noche in rehearsal, Eric still with the long black flowing robe? Gown? From which Marina emerges, now with a mask on the back of her head for a truly haunting effect. As for the music, well last week when Jeremy M heard it, he said, Well, that’s intense and I said, Boldly taking flamenco where it’s never gone before…

There is a bit of excitement when David S gets trapped between doors but a clever trick gets him out. All this while Berik and Leila are getting their new show up. Opens tonight. I’m off to Milica’s  goddess project at her gallery and don’t make it back in time for the open opening. Time to head home. Sunday is a work day.

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