Thursday, March 13, 2014

Saturday leftovers: news of the day


While I was meeting with session, a couple arrived to talk about their summer wedding. He’s a native of Bolivia so we’re talking about a bilingual, bicultural wedding. Always good.

As we are finishing our meeting, Berik comes in to meet Leila. He’s quite concerned with the situation in the Ukraine, in Crimea. He fears the possibility of a widening war. And the still extant stock piles of nuclear weapons we tend to forget about. As a Kazakh, Berik served in the Soviet army as an artist. And that the Russian army is still strong. He wonders if maybe it would be better to move to Ecuador, Bolivia or Hugo’s Nicaragua.

Meanwhile Hugo is checking his phone for updates on rumors concerning the fate of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. While Nicaragua more and more becomes a retirement haven for Americans. 

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